West Memphis Animal Shelter

Adoption Info

Check out an up-to-date list of our adoptable animals here or go to petango.com/wmas

Adoption pricing: 

The dog and puppy adoption fee is $100. This includes Spay/Neuter, Rabies vaccination, Series of 7 in 1 vaccines, Bordetella vaccine, Heartworm testing, De-worming, and Microchip implant. 

The cat and kitten adoption fee is $30. This includes Spay/Neuter, Rabies vaccination, Series of 4 in 1 vaccines, FeLv/FIV/HW combo diagnostic test, Feline Leukemia vaccine, De-worming, and Microchip implant. 

Adoption Process: 

  • Visit the adoption page on the website, or the shelter, to choose a pet you wish to adopt. 
  • Click on the adoption application link at the top of the page, download and print an application from the forms section of the website, complete an application at www.petango.com/wmas, or pick up an adoption application at the shelter.
  • When you submit the application, speak to the shelter adoption coordinator about your pet needs and wishes. 
  • Spend time with the animal to ensure he/she is what you are looking for. If you already have a pet at home, discuss doing a shelter meet and greet with the adoption coordinator. 
  • Landlord and vet information will be checked out during the adoption approval process.
  • If adopting a dog, fencing will be checked. 

It generally takes 72 hours for the adoption committee to review an adoption application and decide if the animal is a good fit for your family; we are looking for a forever home for our animals and want to ensure that we have a perfect fit!

  • All animals will be spayed or neutered** prior to leaving the shelter with the exception of:   
    • Puppies or kittens under the age of 16 weeks; they must return at a later date for surgery.
    • An animal that the veterinarian feels, due to health reasons or age, should not be altered.  

**Sterilization of any animal adopted from an animal shelter in the state of Arkansas is LAW.                             *Owner surrendered animals are available for immediate adoption.                                                                             *Stray animals are available after a 6-day hold, if owner is unknown. There is a 10-day hold if the owner is known. *City of West Memphis Ordinance 1867.